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rosedarksbane said: Just wanted to drop a line and say that you're one of the most bad ass, realist, females I've come across on Tumblr. You are sexy, funny, and great at your job! Hope you have a great night!

This was just the most awesome thing to wake up to! What a kind and kick ass thing to say, thank you

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"Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it."

-Johnny Knoxville (via bl-ossomed)

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My record collection is bigger than my friendship group.

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First BAF order complete and winging its way to me in Scotland <3

Can’t wait, new septum clicker and nip jewellery, you shall be in me soon <3

Two days off…

Going to spend it organising the flat cause I’m a billy no mates.

Anyone fancy coming round some record shops with me, having a mid day drink out in town and pretend we’re socialites and then maybe get dinner?

I would do all these things myself if I had any motivation, but I’ll probably end up on the sofa all day twiddling my thumbs…

Downside to moving into, technically, a new country, I have next to no one to hang out with on my mid week days off (or in general ha)

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by Phillip Lauer - The Pugs of Westeros

oh my fucking god


This is SO GOOD.


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